Australian Registered Foreign Lawyer

All Pakistani or Internationally Trained Lawyers those who cannot apply as a Solicitor in Australia due to affordability issue they all can apply as Australian Registered Foreign Lawyer. They may also apply their Immigration

What can a Foreign Lawyer do?

  1. He may do work or conduct business involving the law of the foreign country that you’re registered or authorised for.
  2. He may Provide legal services in tribunals that are not bound by the rules of evidence.
  3. He may provide legal services in relation to arbitration proceedings or conciliation, mediation and other forms of consensual dispute resolution; and
    provide legal services outlined in the Legal Profession General Uniform Rules 2015.
  4. He may work as a Sole Proprietor.
  5. He may work as an Arbitrator.
  6. He may work as a Mediatator.
  7. He may work as a conciliatior.
  8. He may be a Partner of a Firm.
  9. He may be director in a Firm.
  10. He may work as an employee in a Firm.


  1. Minimum 3 years Standing.
  2. Good Character.
  3. Drafting Skills.
  4. Never Debarred from Bar Council.


Visa will be valid for one year after getting registration and getting the certificate as an Australian Registered Foreign Lawyer.

Mahmood Saleem
Advocate High Court
Immigration Consultant

By mahmood