All Pakistani or Internationally Trained Lawyers those who cannot apply as a Solicitor in Canada due to affordability issue they all can apply as Foreign Legal Consultant. They may also apply their Immigration

Foreign Legal Consultants are lawyers who are licensed to practise law in another
country, and have applied and received permission from the Bar to practise the law of that country while living in Canada.

Requirements of Legal Consultants

  1. Minimum 3 years Standing
  2. Have a valid Licence in Pakistan
  3. Good Character
  4. Never debarred by Bar Council

Commercial association between lawyers and law firms

May Work as a Sole proprietor

May work as In House Council

Legal consultants may be employed by another local lawyer of a local firm

Legal consultant may provide services in some other form of commercial association with local lawyers

Foreign firms are permitted to establish a commercial presence (a permanent office) to offer advisory services in foreign and international law;

Foreign firms are permitted to enter into commercial association with local lawyers or law firms

These lawyers may Employee, Partner, Associate, Director, or Affiliate with Foreign Legal Consultants in Canada in Law Firms, but only if they do so in compliance with Law of Bar Associations, rules and Policies.

Mahmood Saleem
Advocate High Court

By mahmood