Immigration To Canada For International Physiotherapist

Internationally Educated Physiotherapist may apply Immigration to Canada after going through different procedures.

Pakistani Physiotherapist

Pakistani Physiotherapist those who are highly qualified in his or her field they he or she may also apply to Canada and can get the Immigration of Canada after getting the licence as Physiotherapist.

Pathway To Canada For International Physiotherapist

Internationally educated Physical Therapists must meet the following requirement

Academic Credentials

A university level education in physical therapy is required. Academic credentials must be
assessed by the Canadian Authority. The Authority will assess your academic credentials to determine if your education is equivalent to Canadian physical therapy education standards. The credentialing process can take from 10 to 18 weeks to complete. The Credentials assessment fee is 1200 Canadian Dollar which will be pain by Candidate by himelf or herself.

Outcome Of Assessment
The outcome of the assessment will be 3 types

  1. Major Gaps
    If you do have Major Gaps then
    Applicant is not eligible to apply for the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE).
  2. Minor gaps
    Applicant may be eligible to
    address gaps through work
    experience in Canada.
  3. Not Substantially Different

After your academic credentials and qualifications are confirmed then you must take the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE). The PCE has a written and clinical component and can only be completed in Canada. The result of written results will be announced in 6 weeks while
Clinical results will be announced in 12 weeks. The Written and Clinical Exams fee is 2320 Canadian Dollars.

Success Rate Of Exam Of Pakistani Physiotherapist

The success rate of Pakistani Physiotherapist in the PCE exam is 43 Percent.

Temporary Licence

If you meet all registration requirements (except passing the PCE clinical component), you are eligible for temporary registration and eligible to practice under supervision. You will need to arrange for supervised practice as a condition of registration.

Duration of Temporary Licence

A temporary licence can be held for a maximum of two (2) years, during which time you must pass the PCE clinical component to continue practicing in Alberta. Despite the two (2) year time period, your temporary licence and registration will be cancelled if
you fail the PCE clinical component twice.

Full Registration

If you pass both the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE), a written and clinical component the you will be eligible to get full Registration.

Employment Options

You can also consider working in Alberta in related occupations such as Physical Therapist Assistant, Exercise Assistant or Rehabilitation Assistant.


You are reasonably proficient in the English language to be able to safely and competently practice as a physiotherapist. There are two ways to meet the language requirement: demonstrated English language proficiency through the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulator’s credentialing process, or
passed an approved English language test

Mahmood Saleem
Advocate High Court

Immigration Consultant

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