Registered Foreign Law Firm

Pakistani Lawyers those who have 3 years of standing as a lawyer in Pakistan can set up his/her Foreign Registered Law Firm (Sole proprietorship) in Hong Kong and work as a Sole Proprietor in Hong Kong.

Under section 39C, Registered Foreign Law Firm may form associations with Hong Kong Waw Firms under an agreement can share fees, profits, premises, management or employees.

Under the association, the foreign law may advise on foreign law, while the Hong Kong firm advises on Hong Kong law. The two firms can share fees, profits, premises and employees. The fee for the registration of Foreign Registered Law Firm is 1 Million Pakistani Rupees.

Some benefits of a Registered Foreign Law Firm in Hong Kong include:

  1. Access to a wide range of legal services: Registered foreign law firms can offer a broad spectrum of legal services to clients in Hong Kong, including expertise in various international jurisdictions.
  2. International expertise and connections: These firms often have a global network of legal professionals and can provide clients with access to international legal expertise and resources.
  3. Enhanced credibility and reputation: Being registered as a foreign law firm in Hong Kong can enhance the firm’s credibility and reputation, signaling to clients that they have met certain regulatory requirements and can offer high-quality legal services.
  4. Ability to advise on cross-border transactions: Registered foreign law firms can provide valuable advice and assistance to clients involved in cross-border transactions, leveraging their international experience and knowledge.
  5. Compliance with local regulations: Registering as a foreign law firm ensures compliance with local regulations and allows the firm to operate legally in Hong Kong, giving clients peace of mind and protection.
  6. Increased market access: Being registered as a foreign law firm in Hong Kong can open up new market opportunities and allow the firm to tap into the city’s vibrant business and legal environment.


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