Obtaining Registration in Alberta

Internationally educated combined laboratory and x-ray technologists can and should begin the application process before they arrive in Alberta. Contact the College. You will have to explain your experience and education related to the occupation and after that You may apply for registration with the ACCLXT. Registration forms are available upon request from the ACCLXT.


Internationally educated combined laboratory and x-ray technologists must meet the following requirements:

Academic Credentials

A two-year diploma in Laboratory and X-Ray Sciences is the minimum requirement.
A. If you have a recognized diploma, you must provide proof that you completed
the program. Contact the school you graduated from and ask for a copy of
your diploma and an official copy of your academic transcripts.
B. If you do not have a two-year diploma, education and experience equivalencies may be considered and explain your
experience and education. They will tell you how to proceed with your application.

Work Experience

You must prove you have experience working as a Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologist, or in related fields.
To do this, you will need:
A. Documentation of your work experience in both medical laboratories and xray imaging.
B. A minimum of two references who can verify your education, experience,
character and ability to use the English language.

You must write and pass the Provincial Registration Examination (PRE). This exam tests your knowledge of the occupation, your professionalism and how you would put your training into practice in day-to-day work situations. Applicants must write this exam. The examination fee is $800 Canadian Dollar.

Average pay

Temporary Registration


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